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Dia 10MM Fudan F08 1K RFID PCB Tag with long distance-RFID PCB Tag

Dia 10MM Fudan F08 1K RFID PCB Tag with long distance

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What's NFC PCB Tag:

The PCB tag contains a PCB (printed circuit board) antenna. It is suitable for the design of customized tags including 

special requests for shape (e.g. square shape). The tag can be easily fitted with an additional capacitor, which 

increases the reading distance of the tag

Fudan F08 1KChip Data:

2.ISO/IEC 14443A

3. Operating frequency: 13.56 MHZ

4.1Kbyte memory

5. We can according to custom's requirement print logo for you.

More chip available : Ntag213/216 ,Ultralight/C EV1,F08,1K S50 ,4K S70 ,

Desfire  2K/4K/8K,Icode sli/x/s ,Plus S/X  SLE66R01,FElica-LiTE-S,Topaz512,TI2048 , Card,SALTO card etc

We can program the NFC chip according to your request such as encoding an URL or numbers or text into the chip 

then you can read out by NFC phone or reader.

The Main feature of PCB Tag 

A. High temperature Resistance 

B. Smallest Size

C.Customized design 

D. Free sample to test

E. Anti-metal material

F. Adhesive

G.Long reading distance

More size Available: 12x16MM,12x18MM 25x25MM 18x18MM Dia20MM ,Dia25MM etc

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