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13MM NTAG213 RFID NFC Transparent PVC Dics Tag-RFID PVC Coin Tag

13MM NTAG213 RFID NFC Transparent PVC Dics Tag

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Basic feature:

This NTAG213 RFID NFC Transparent Tag is a passive read only RFID tag. It holds a unique number that can be read by an RFID reader.

The frequency and protocol must match all the NFC the reader you are using. This tag is made of transparent PVC .

NTAG213 NFC Chip :

Frequency: 13.56MHZ /ISO14443A 

Memory: 168byte total memeoy,144byte user memory

Material : Transparent PVC 

More size available: Dia13mm,18mm,20mm,25mm,30mm etc

 Data encoding ,Anti-Metal ,3M adhesive  etc 

More chips:  MF Ntag213/216 ,NTAG215 Ultralight/Ultralight C EV1,F08,1K S501K ,4K S70 ,

Desfire 2K/4K/8K,Icode sli/x/s ,Plus S/X  SLE66R01,FElica-LiTE-S,Topaz512,TI2048 , Card,SALTO card etc

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