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ISO14443A NTAG213 RFID NFC Business Card-13.56MHZ RFID Card

ISO14443A NTAG213 RFID NFC Business Card

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ISO14443A NTAG213 RFID NFC Business Card

Basic Feature:

NTAG213 NFC  Card fully utilizes the NFC technology, which is high bandwidth, low energy consumption, and has the advantages of high security, quick certification linked and low price of chip.
Reading range of NFC Sticker is 2-5cm (related with the size of the antenna and power of reader).
NFC Sticker can be read by Samsung NFC  Smart Phone ,Will aslo work with all other NFC Smart phone such as Nokia, HTC, LG, Sony, Blackberry etc

NTAG213 NFC Card  Specification 

  1. Chip 

  1. 1.ISO/IEC 14443A

  2. 2.Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz,

  3. 3.144Byte

  4. 4.Operating distance: Up to 100mm depending on field strength and antenna geometry.

  1. Size
  1. 85.5x54x0.84mm

  1. Material
  1. PVC 
  1. Craft 
  1. Offset, silkscreen printing, QR Code, barcode Printing, Laser Engraved UID&Serial Number etc
  1. more Chip available

  1. 13.56MHZ:  MF Ntag213/216, Ultralight/ C EV1, F08, 1K S50, 4K S70 ,
  2. Desfire 2K/ 4K/ 8K, Icode sli/x/s , Plus S/ X  SLE66R01, FElica-LiTE-S, Topaz512, TI2048SALTO card etc

  3. 125KHZ: TK4100, EM4200, T5577, EM4305, EM4450 Hitag1/2/S, HID  etc

  4. 860-960MHZ :  Alien H3 etc

  1. Application:

  1. logistics Applications 
  2. Access Control 
  3. Asset Tracking 
  4. Anti-counterfeiting
  5.  Process Control & Factory Automation
  6.  Device embedded
  7. Material identification/Item Identification 
  8. Pharmaceutical management
  9.  Security
  10.  Machine identification tag


200pcs/box,  2000 or 3000pcs/carton or customized

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