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45x25MM MF S50 1K RFID Epoxy Tag For Access control

  • Product Code: RFID NFC Hang Tag 004
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45x25MM  MF S50 1K  RFID Epoxy Tag For Access control 

Fudan F08 HF Epoxy Tag can be used in payment, access control, Hotel etc it can not be cloned.

Fudan F08 Specification:

1.NDEF format

2.ISO/IEC 14443A

3.Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz

4.1024bit memory

5.Operating distance: Up to 100mm depending on field strength and antenna geometry)


CMYK off set printing, Pantone color, Uinque QR, serial number,encoding an URL or numbers or text into the chip.

Normal Ring:

black rope, Round ring, Lobster metal ring or customzied

More chips available: 

125KHZ : TK4100,EM4200,T5577,EM4305,Hitag1,Hitags,Hitag2 etc

13.56MHZ :NXP Mifare Ntag213/216 ,Ultralight/C EV1,F08,1K S50 ,4K S70 ,

Desfire  2K/4K/8K,Icode sli/x/s ,Plus S/X  SLE66R01,FElica-LiTE-S,TI2048 ,HID, Card,SALTO card etc

860-960MHZ: Alien H3,Monza 4D,4E,4QT et

Packaging: 2000pcs or 3000pcs each carton

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