13.56MHZ MFIC Classic S50 RFID PVC Dics Coin Tag 30MM

  • Product Code: Dics004
Basic feature:MFIC S50 1K is the popular Access control Tag for Transport.S50  Specification:1.NDEF format2.ISO/IEC 14443A3.Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz4.1024bit  total memory5.Operating d...

Basic feature:

MFIC S50 1K is the popular Access control Tag for Transport.

S50  Specification:

1.NDEF format

2.ISO/IEC 14443A

3.Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz

4.1024bit  total memory

5.Operating distance: Up to 100mm depending on field strength and antenna geometry)

Material available: Plastic PVC 

Available Die Cut Size :

Round Shape:20mm/26mm/29mm/30mm/35mm/38mm/40mm/50mm

Square Shape:18x18mm/20x20mm/25x25mm/30x30mm/35x35mm/40x40mm/45x45mm/50x50mm

Rectangle Shape:12x20MM/15X20MM/15X30MM/20X40MM/25X40mm/ 25X38mm/18x56MM/54x86MM


We can provide NFC Tag encoding with single Website,single Text,vCard and variety encoding like Data,Text,URL,SMS,Emai,telephone number  etc

Craft available: 

Custom logo printing, Unique QR/Barcode, Serial number Printing ,Anti-metal material,3M strong Adhesive etc

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